Online Education and Social Media – Exploring the Connectivity

With the entire world transiting to the digital phase, can you actually leave the educational sector behind? Certainly not, as it has been one sector that has mould its organizational structure in a completely new form to adapt to the technological advancement changes and path-breaking innovative models. Distance learning, which witnessed a slow developmental pace until the last decade, withstood a massive turn in the digitized world by going online. Flexibility and accessibility that allowed a connection between the learner, instructor, and content independent of time and distance became the major highlight of online education and precisely Distance Learning Courses.

Well, with change being constant, the developmental pace of education and world of distance learning is never restricted in the rapidly advancing corporate world. Therefore, if what is next is the question on your mind, the answer rests simply with Social Media and its implementation on the online educational world. Surprising it might seem to you but according to the flowing trend, distance learning joining hands with technological advancement and under the influence of social networking dominance is marking a big change. However, the application of Social Media learning through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is highly debated upon.

Online Education and Social Media - Exploring the Connectivity

While agreeing to the fact that Social Media sites are making their way in education, educational experts are concerned with its usefulness and abusiveness largely. Assuming that you are student at an online Canada university, the assistance of Facebook or Twitter for your learning can be great, as it entirely depends upon the communication you set up on the virtual world. It certainly connects the educator and instructor and creates that line of communication that holds a reach far beyond the brick and mortar setting of physical classrooms. Yet, the benefit that Distance Learning Courses can reap through Social Media application is still open to experimentation.

To gain a better insight into the beneficial prospects of Social Media application in the world of online education, you can refer to the Huffington Post report on ” Social Networking in Schools: Educators Debate the Merits of Technology in Classroom”

Application of Social Media in high schools through online education has certainly has its own benefits. Educational institutes, which already boast of the edge, have integrated the application in sectors of admission, alumni reaction, and campus life along with classrooms. A number of colleges in the league of Social Media application are creating groups in social networking sites such as Facebook to offer the feel of campus community, even though the presence of physical presence of campus life is missing. Alongside the benefits also lies the abusiveness of Social media application in online education, as pointed by experts.

They have pointed out that application of social networking sites into learning can affect the concentration of a child making him or her distracting. Since, the physical presence of the teacher is not present in the virtual setting, controlling the educator might become an issue. Online instructors need to be aware of the application of online tools, as ignorance in these sectors does not act as bliss. On the hindsight since, professional advancement is not all about obtaining degrees; application of Social Media sites certainly helps in personal development.

Tech-based education with application of Social Media learning through Facebook and Twitter is seen as the future of the world of Distance Learning Courses. Online education holds an easier access with the implementation of these mutual tools of learning, as it connects, communicates, and complements.

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